Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fighting Town Creek

Much too many
Hey guys!  So I have been in Blue Ridge for almost three weeks now.  I haven't done much exploring yet, but Cohutta did take me to this creek called Fighting Town Creek.  We took Chub (our English mastiff) there to cool down, and Cohutta even made me swim in the creek too! Because we had to park a little ways away and I didn't want my camera anywhere near the water, I didn't take any pictures on that trip. *Next time, for sure.*  These are from my second time at this spot.
Much too Many Much too Many Much too Many Much too Many Much too Many Much too Many Much too Many 
Even though the weather up here in the mountains is about ten degrees cooler than in Athens, it is still a record-breaking hot summer. That, along with all of my accessories and 90% of my shoes sleeping away in a lonely storage unit, are the reasons for the minimal outfit. -Kamila

Dress//Abercrombie&Fitch, Shoes//Keds


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